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Spicy food from Morocco

Morocco is a great country. The hospitality is their own and its form a part of the soul of Islam. Based on these principles the people is very freindly and with a great human wealth.

Morocco is a trip forced for the lovers of the adventure and the exotic places.



In Chefchaouen, called also Xaouen, to 700 mtrs. of altitude above sea level, over the Atlas and mountains of the Rif.

In order to arrive at Ceuta normally you will get a ferry in Algeciras. Also there is helicoptero. If you go to Ceuta, you do not doubt in crossing the border and knowing the coast and mediterranean beaches white sand, sprinkled of hotels and apartments of luxury, from Ceuta to Martil, passing by Cabo Negro.

M´Diq in cross to Cabo Negro is a fishing port. nice place for taste sea food.


To only 14 km of Tarifa it can enjoy a earth that has many enchantments that to show, Tangier

Their beaches of the mediterraneo and the atlantico, mountains and the desert offer a variety to us of unforgettable landscapes.

In order to cross the Straits of Gibraltar, the fastest option is the one than it offers the line of fast boats of Tarifa to Tangier.

The currency is dirham. 11 dirham is 1 euro. Can can be changed in banks in Morocco with international value.

When arriving at the customs morrocco is necessary to fill up a document by each person who travels to Morocco that they facilitated to you and can be helped by writers authorized who are properly identified.

If you go in car you must fill up another document with the data of the car, number of frame, it registers and owner and to take all the documentation in rule, including the Green Card of the insurance of the car.

Also it can be made the Temporary Admission of vehicles via Internet visiting the Web of the Customs of Morocco, be filled up a form and be printed to present/display it in the border. The Customs will give a copy to you, sealed and signed document that you must present when coming out of the country.


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